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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: What's BPA?
A: Over the past few years there have been a significant amount of media reports focusing on Bisphenol A (BPA) found in baby bottles and other polycarbonate feeding equipment. Polycarbonate is used in thousands of consumer products worldwide and has been the most widely used raw material on baby bottles for many years. There are many scientific studies that have been carried out, and while we believe that BPA levels in plastic polycarbonate bottles are below the levels known to be harmful, we have decided to remove BPA from all of our newborn feeding equipment to eliminate any risk and offer parents the SAFEST option.

Q2: Where does the mushroom and other products come from? Is it originally designed by Mombella?
A: All products from mombella website or other platforms with mombella brand name on it are 100% originally designed by mombella team. We have dentists designers, we are FDA manufacturers and we keep the highest safest standard on every product. More and more mombella high-quality products are coming!

Q3:How can I know which teethers are fit for my little baby?
A: You could check on the title of every product and every page. We listed the suggested age range on the product page. The suggested age means that teether is the perfect one for that age to use. If your baby is above the age and he/she likes it, it's definitely fine with using it. It would be more like a teether toy for him/her.

Q4: Can mushroom teether be sanitized in a sanitizer bag?
A: Yes, it can be sanitized.

Q5: Are these products latex-free?
A: They are made of food-grade silicone.

Q6: How do you put on the clip?
A: Wrap it around the Stem of the Mushroom teether and then put the clip through the loop and pull

Q7:Can we boil the teether into the water?
A: Yes. The material is high-temperature resistant which can reach 200℃.

Q8: Is it safe enough for my baby?
A: Absolutely safe enough. As long as keep the teethers away from pets/sharp tools which can tear off the parts. The silicone material is durable/flexible, but it also can be torn off by the shape pet jaw or something like that. We should be careful about it! And DON'T Flip the mushroom into a cup shape to head to baby!

Q9: I saw it has a pillow series, how is it?
A: The mombella pillow is designed in the UK with aqua foam, and foamed by water. It has a ripple design that can support the growth of the baby's head. It's super breathable foam with CoolMax fabric cover. It definitely is a great pillow for babies.

Q10: Does mombella have bottles?
A: Yes! The bottles of mombella are coming! The bottles are made of high standard requirements. Please keep following up with mombella website.