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My daughter loves her ducky. She chews on it and it makes a cute rubbery sound. Gentle on her gums. She holds it when going to sleep and hits her face with it, but doesn’t hurt her. I sterilize it in the bottle warmer, easy to wash and dry as well.

M. Fleming

Baby loves this thing! She hates pacifiers yet loves this! Great for teething and chewing, perfect grip and overall entertaining! Even came with a strap to connect to clothing and accessories so you dont loose it. Lovedthe product so much bought more toys from this company! Great toys wish there were more, id buy em all!

United Kingdom

My baby loves this more than anything. I bought a few other teething toys for my Alex and she loves this yellow duck the most :)She was sucking the teether and meanwhile trying to bite on it. This silicone is very soft and flexible enough even when she tears on it, it won’t break

United States

The babies love the snail. Easy to grip, easy to grasp, easy to hold. Looks just like a pink snail with two eyes. The white eyes have rattles in each eye. When the baby shakes the snail, you hear the rattle. Both babies love to play with this snail baby teething rattle. Includes a pacifier clip. Neat gift at the next baby shower.

Bill A. Belt
Los Angeles, CA

My thumb sucker loves It, he's also teething and It works for us. He actually chews the clip more than the squishy part. But both are very durable, I love the color. The side of the chewy part is like his thumb which is great soft, and easy to clean.


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      In just four years, Mombella has globally sold over 80 million baby teethers, earning the title of 'Best Seller' on Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany!

      How To Choose a perfect teether toy for your baby?

      For Babies Aged 3-4 Months:

      Discontinuing thumb-sucking behavior

      MIMI Mushroom is an excellent product that not only soothes fussy, teething babies but also aids in discontinuing thumb-sucking behavior. The Yellow Duck and Ladybug Toothbrush variants make for fun companions while providing relief to your baby's sore gums.

      For Babies Aged 5 Months:

      Relieving teething pain

      At this stage, your baby may experience increased teething discomfort. Relieve their pain with Ollie Octopus and Hugging Monkey - our multifunctional teethers that double as playful pals during your baby's fun time.

      For Babies Aged 6 Months:

      Taking bites and chew

      As your baby begins to get accustomed to solid foods, it's important to teach them to take bites and chew. Our Squirrel and Geometry Sensory Teether Set help transition babies from chewing on toys to trying out food, making this learning process effortless and enjoyable.

      For Babies Aged 3-12 Months:

      Developing arms, hands and fingers

      It is essential at this stage to help your babies develop stronger muscles in their arms, hands, and fingers. Our Rattle Snail and Clownfish toys are perfect for this task. They are designed to be engaging and interactive, promoting the needed muscle exercise while keeping your baby entertained. Order Clown Fish